La Favola Di Natale
story by Giovanni Guareschi, translation by Anthony Santella.
    For those who haven't heard of him, Giovanni Guareschi was well known in Italy as a political cartoonist and humorist, best know for his tales of Don Camillo, small town priest and his continual duels with Peppone, the towns communist mayor, (his worst enemy and best friend) many of which are available online.

This story, written while Guareschi was interred as a prisoner of war, is a simple story and I'll try and be simple introducing it. I think it's a beautiful story.  Those who know me can imagine that its  fairytale treatment of the tragedy of war would appeal.  As far as I can tell it has never been translated into English. So I decided to do it myself, to share with friends who don't read Italian.  For that matter my Italian isn't the greatest so it has been a challenge. I hope my clumsiness doesn't detract from the story. I have a love of convoluted sentence structure, and a patchy command of even English grammar so I have probably erred  quite a bit on the  side of a literal translation.  If you like the story, go and buy the book in the Italian, if only for the amusing illustrations of happy little evil Germans. I hope this translation provides enjoyment, and something to think about. It is a reminder that the God of Peace and the god of War are continually reborn, and it always remains for us to choose which is ours.
Anthony Santella 10/7/2001
The Text of The Favola Di Natale
An additional good quick intro to Guareschi, in his own words, How I got this way, from The Little World of Don Camillo.


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