Steel Mask

The mask is more fantasy then anything else, although with the exception of the beard it is very close to historical examples form roman cavalry helmets.  The starting point was a flat U shaped piece of 14 ga mild steel.The most important step was getting a good sketch done. A small clay model and full size sheet metal pattern of the profile were also used as guides.  Depth was produced as much as possible by raising but the metal in the inside of the eye sockets thinned considerably. This resulted in a crack visible in the second photo below which had to be welded.

maskThis is the result of 2 or 3 sessions of a few hours each at the propane forge, just the rough shape.

 Step2 After 4 or 5 sessions allot more detail is visible but nothing is defined by hard edges. 
.step3  Another turn or two at the forge and a good deal of cold work sharpening up the edges and detail makes it almost complete.

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