Masked Helm

Side Back
Below is a brief  step by step with photos of raising the mask.


This piece is one of my most complex. It is a well researched work of fantasy. The helmet body is a cross between several of the Valsgard helmets and the Sutton Hoo helm with some roman features thrown in.  For reenactment combat use the mask, cheek pieces and neck guard are riveted to the helmet rather then being hinged. The woven side panels are stainless steel and being fairly thick needed to be pre crimped before they could be woven. The rest of the helmet is blued mild steel, with the mask being tined. The central animal heads on the crest were cast and their eyes set with garnets. The body of the crest was forged from 16 ga sheet brass (with an applied ridge) as were the animal eyebrows. Metal tears were attached with rivets. With the exception of the rivets, garnets, edging and tears all the materials for this helmet came out of dumpsters. I have only tried fighting in it (Markland) once so far, the lack of peripheral vision is a bit claustrophobic but not as bad as you might think.

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